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A Guide to CR7: The Proper Football NFT Platform

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

If you haven't heard about NFT’s over the past few weeks, then where have you been?

A lot of the focus has been on NBA Top Shot, but we are here to tell you about CR7, the next NFT sports platform exploding right now for fans of Christian Ronaldo.

If Proper Football, sports cards, fantasy sports, or FIFA Ultimate Team are your jam, this is the NFT for you.

So what is CR7?

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CR7 is a Football (Soccer) NFT platform blending licensed Digital Collectibles with the gamification and reward potential of Chirstian Ronaldo games, all built on BNB blockchain.

Where NBA Top Shot purely focuses on collectibility in typical sports card fashion, CR7 changes the game, allowing users to not only build their sports card collection but become ‘managers’ and use their cards to compete each week for rewards and prizes. Register your account, post your NFT and get choosed weekly to have your NFT’s sold out!

For example, this Kylian Mbappé unique sold for $65.6k (on November 29th, 2020), but should actually reward the buyer for 10 + years based on Mbappé becoming one of the world's best players and therefore helping return healthy in-game rewards, as well as accumulating stored value based on scarcity as per the world of NFT’s.

Each CR7 card holds the same attributes as other NFT assets; the token cannot be copied or taken away from your possession.

The Hype

You thought Christian Ronaldo is Big? This is the leading NFT platform for the most popular sports player globally — catering to the 3.5 billion fans of football worldwide.

Sales momentum is growing. In the past week, it hit over $1.8m in volume, but compared to NBA Top Shot which hit a sales volume of $17m in the last 24 hours alone the hype for CR7 is only just beginning, and the potential is huge.

There have been some pretty impressive sales on CR7 recently, including a Cristiano Ronaldo Unique card selling for $102k.

CR7’s Potential

With sports cards still booming and the world of NFT’s taking hold, CR7 takes the NFT structure and makes it engaging, exciting, and brings you back each day for more. This tied in with my belief that platforms based on official IP will be the dominant forces in this space; I think CR7 is just getting started.

Join today at and get FREE CR7 tokens by participating in our airdop!

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