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Do you want to invest in development of Footbal worldwide? Now there's an NFT for that

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

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Do you want to invest in development of Footbal worldwide? Now there's an NFT for that

NFT markets continue to produce some fascinating and downright weird investment ideas. 2021 is shaping up to be the year of the non-fungible token (or NFT to its friends). The promise of NFTs is that anything which can be digitised can be securely traded, with registered ownership recorded on a blockchain. An NFT might be art, music, video, or even a piece of code. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey even sold an NFT image of his first tweet for $2.9 million last month.

You might have heard about Beeple, the digital artist who sold an NFT digital artwork in March for a whopping $69 million? Not only was this the highest price ever paid for an NFT, it was also one of the highest prices ever paid for any work of art.

The big problem with NFT art is that all art is a terrible investment. A 2009 American Economic Review journal study showed that art investment hugely underperforms the stockmarket. If all art is a bad investment, then why would we expect a digital version of art (which is arguably worse) to perform better?

From my own research on NFTs, the most interesting NFT markets are those not yet grabbing the headlines. There is a new generation of investments quickly emerging that we haven't really contemplated before outside of cult sci-fi novels. A central feature of these NFTs is that they don’t really seem like investments - on the surface at least.

Opportunities only belong to those who see first.Be a part of us who are truly passionate about Cristiano Ronaldo. We are the team.

FC Ronaldo Fan Token is a coin created to represent the people who love Cristiano Ronaldo. All the coins were created for only 300 million coins based on the number of Ronaldo's followers on Instagram. This means that if everyone only holds 1 coin, the price of the coin can be much more worth.

20% of the CR7 income will be used to buy Bitcoin for Ronaldo in order to fund the program which helps seek for new players and gives opportunities for talented players who lack funds for developing their skills in order to achieve their dream as a professional player. We will also give them chances to train and test their skills with us.30% of the shared income in 2022 will be used to build a foot club with the name "FC Ronaldo Fan Token." The club "FC Ronaldo Fc Fan Token" will be established in order to find skillful players around the world and bring new players into the world-class football profession.

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