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How Cristiano Ronaldo Became Soccer’s Crypto King

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

As fan tokens and NFTs provide new revenue streams for world football, CR7 might just be the face of both.

One year ago, as stadium lights around the world shut off, sports fans surely anticipated a short-term shut down or two. Now, over a year later, the experience of being a supporter has changed far more dramatically than any of us could have predicted.

With few (if any) fans allowed to attend live games even now, teams and leagues have been compelled to innovate new ways to engage with their fanbases — and discover new revenue streams.

To make this happen, European soccer teams are leading the way with an assist from the blockchain, ushering in the age of not just collectible NFTs, but digital “fan tokens.”

And there’s only one man who can lay claim to being the face of both innovatons: Juventus and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Back in 2019, Juventus was the first soccer club to launch an “Official Fan Token,” releasing 20 million at $2 each on the Chiliz blockchain. Essentially a team-specific currency, these tokens grant fans special access to their favorite clubs, from exclusive perks and prizes to the ability to vote on key decisions like jersey designs.

Last month, when Ronaldo eclipsed Pelé’s career club-and-country scoring record with a hat trick against Cagliari, Juve had the perfect way to celebrate: by presenting him with a gift of 770 fan tokens — one for each career goal — in an on-field ceremony.

He’s the first footballer to be awarded with fan tokens, and given his incredible influence, it’s likely to be the start of a much-copied trend.

FC Ronaldo Fan Token is a coin created to represent the people who love Cristiano Ronaldo. All the coins were created for only 300 million coins based on the number of Ronaldo's followers on Instagram. This means that if everyone only holds 1 coin, the price of the coin can be much more worth.

20% of the CR7 income will be used to buy Bitcoin for Ronaldo in order to fund the program which helps seek for new players and gives opportunities for talented players who lack funds for developing their skills in order to achieve their dream as a professional player. We will also give them chances to train and test their skills with us.30% of the shared income in 2022 will be used to build a foot club with the name "FC Ronaldo Fan Token." The club "FC Ronaldo Fc Fan Token" will be established in order to find skillful players around the world and bring new players into the world-class football profession.

The club will also provide football equipment to schools in need around the world. They just have to let us know, and we will give them the football equipment. We will do this in order to continue to promote and preserve football with its increasing quality. We will be contributing to every country with a focus on finding the best players from Asia and Europe. Moreover, in the future, we will invite Cristiano Ronaldo to coach these football clubs so that he will be an inspiration for children around the world to love football and be a part of health care which helps keep youth away from drugs for the future of the nation.

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