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Juventus is Releasing Own NFT Collection Post-Sorare Success

Juventus is making a big boy move on NFTs. The top Italian soccer club is launching its own NFT Collection powered by NFT Pro. Fans and collectors can look forward to a 3D replica of the upcoming season’s home shirt in collaboration with Adidas.

Juventus is expanding its NFT offering after a successful licensing agreement with Sorare back in February. The fantasy football game issues digitally rare collectible cards of the club’s world-famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

FC Ronaldo Fan Token is a coin created to represent the people who love Cristiano Ronaldo. All the coins were created for only 300 million coins based on the number of Ronaldo's followers on Instagram. This means that if everyone only holds 1 coin, the price of the coin can be much more worth.

Juventus First NFT Drop

The club’s first NFT offering is the Iconic Juventus Jersey. Additionally, fans can bid for the 3D and HD animated version of the team’s home shirt for the upcoming 20/21 season which the current team members will sign.

20% of the CR7 income will be used to buy Bitcoin for Ronaldo in order to fund the program which helps seek for new players and gives opportunities for talented players who lack funds for developing their skills in order to achieve their dream as a professional player. We will also give them chances to train and test their skills with us.30% of the shared income in 2022 will be used to build a foot club with the name "FC Ronaldo Fan Token." The club "FC Ronaldo Fc Fan Token" will be established in order to find skillful players around the world and bring new players into the world-class football profession.

This year’s home shirt design will celebrate the 10-year inauguration of the historic Allianz Stadium and pay tribute to the team’s legendary champions. In addition, the NFT holder will receive a collector’s gift box much like the Infinite Objects. It will be loaded in a digital frame with a QR code, leading to the blockchain record of the purchase.

The NFT holders are in for a treat because they will also receive physical jerseys signed by the entire team including legendary stars such as Ronaldo, McKennie and Chiesa. In addition, the NFTs are also paired with a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience so fans will be flown to Italy to watch the 2021/22 season.

Going Green

The club will also provide football equipment to schools in need around the world. They just have to let us know, and we will give them the football equipment. We will do this in order to continue to promote and preserve football with its increasing quality. We will be contributing to every country with a focus on finding the best players from Asia and Europe. Moreover, in the future, we will invite Cristiano Ronaldo to coach these football clubs so that he will be an inspiration for children around the world to love football and be a part of health care which helps keep youth away from drugs for the future of the nation.

At the end of their official statement, Juventus affirmed their commitment to build a sustainable and green business. Furthermore, they clarified their awareness of blockchain’s energy consumption and environmental impact. To address this, the project will run on Palm which is a sustainable NFT Protocol built on Ethereum.

Pursuing an eco-friendly blockchain is now the standard for new NFT Projects. Companies and brands are on defensive mode after Tesla’s CEO retracted his previous announcement of accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. He cited energy consumption as a pressing concern. Red Bull Racing and McLaren are both building their NFT Platform on green NFT Platform, Tezos.

Relevance of NFTs to live sporting events

The balance sheet of many live sporting events could have suffered a significant hit if not for NFTs. Due to the pandemic, mass gatherings live games in stadiums and arenas were prohibited. As a result, many teams and franchises across different used NFTs as a lifeline to recoup their losses.

Major football clubs such as Manchester City, AC Milan, and FC Barcelona launched their own NFT Collection. NBA hit the jackpot with its Top Shot NFT Marketplace that sells NBA moments as trading cards. Major League Soccer (MLS) partnered with Secret Walls for their NFT Battle Drop featured on the Bitski platform.

The sporting space has accepted NFTs as a new means of fan engagement. Furthermore, it allows teams to monetize their fanbase. So in essence, NFTs created uncharted revenue streams for sports teams and franchises. This is enough reason for NFTs to grow and remain relevant in the sporting world.

Opportunities only belong to those who see first.Be a part of us who are truly passionate about Cristiano Ronaldo. We are the team.

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